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Move like water

Your body follows your attention as you move. Move consciously.

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I am not going to leave

I used to travel a lot and now I am content staying where I am. I have arrived and  I feel at home. There is nothing that pulls me to take a journey anymore. Not that I do not travel, … Continue reading

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On boredom

Did you ever ask yourself – what is boredom ? Per definition, boredom is a mood, a lasting emotional state, characterized by low interest and low energy. I get bored when I feel trapped in having to do tedious, repetitive … Continue reading

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The Living Room

I sat there staring at the screen, waiting for an inspiration. And then my eyes go caught on the photograph on top and I could not help but notice the symbolism. A window seat with propped up cushions inviting to … Continue reading

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The wisdom of Rumi

happy is the one who doesn’t need to try getting wealthy or remaining poor free from people and worldly worries a stranger to himself free in every way From: Rumi “Dancing the Flame” Translated by Nader Khalili Don’t you love … Continue reading

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It’s wonderful to feel that everything is connected.

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The savage teacher

With thanks to Glerikud for finding Truth in animation ;-). Enjoy

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Every girl is a princess

I am a big believer in archetypes – not in terms of identification, but because of their powerful symbolism, pointing us to hidden patterns and uncovering beliefs about ourselves. Archetypes are about “what we always do” and they are a … Continue reading

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The Tao is the way

Verse 57 is about letting go. All of it. Becoming aware of the myriard of ways how we control our life, is at the centre of liberation. Decisions, fixed plans, concepts…just observe yourself to understand how much we are still … Continue reading

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A historic Thanksgiving

When I lived in America I was first introduced to the tradition of Thanksgiving. I knew nothing about it and moreover, I did not have a family to go to without crossing an ocean. So we introduced the alternate Thanksgiving, … Continue reading

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