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Friends on the path – Healing

Friends on the path meet yet once again to enquire into the subject of healing. It is a vast field, with many different levels and implications. What is healing, beyond the method and expectation, what does it take for a … Continue reading

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And here is another interesting article about the truth of weight loss: Diet’s don’t work (long-term). What the article does not say is that it is not so so much what you eat, but what you think. It’s not the body that … Continue reading

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Recently I read a study estimating the prevalence of mental disorders in the European population about 38%. Anxiety and panic disorders took the larges share with about 14% , followed by depression. This is about 60 Mio people in fear … Continue reading

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Happy Meal 2011

By Mark Bittman Life would be so much easier if we could only set our own guidelines. You could define the average weight as 10 pounds higher than your own and, voilà, no more obesity! You could raise the speed limit … Continue reading

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Healthy Business

I just read an article that health insurers (in the US) are making record profits. The reason for  this is due to hefty premiums, but also that many people seem to postpone care, because they cannot afford the co-payments for … Continue reading

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Means of life (11)

“Means of Life” is an inter-disciplinary approach to explore how everything is related  and to pin-point the differences between what we need and what we want. How to save one trillion By Mark Bitterman In the scheme of things, saving … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Saboteur

A few days ago I wrote an article on the archetypal energy of the Saboteur, that resulted in many questions, in particular how to deal with it. The Saboteur is an energy that makes us act against our best interest. … Continue reading

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Put your soul to work

By Carolyne Myss As we all know by now, the Earth has shifted once again. Just the slightest change from deep beneath the waters, a crack in the fabric of her lining, and islands quake while tsunami waves rush across … Continue reading

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There is a perfect way to explain the phenomenon of stress: Take a stress ball – or just make a fist – and squeeze it as much as you can. Then let go and slowly open the grip. Then do … Continue reading

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Letting go of taking things personally (5)

A practical course in 5 parts “Letting go of taking things personally” is an experiment based on an idea from Eileen. Taking things personally is something that we all do, and at times it really clouds our sense of peace, … Continue reading

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