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Anthony de Mello on happiness

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Befriending the Saboteur

Recently I have come to an understanding about an important archetype that is playing out in all of us: the Saboteur. Archetypes are energies that create specific patterns and determine attitudes, preferences and choices.  Seated outside the body, they are … Continue reading

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The Question of Death

By Justme After the recent ‘disaster’ in Japan there has been a lot of discussion and questioning. Some discussions have raised an ever re-appearing question ” Why has God allowed this disaster to happen? ” There is plenty of evidence … Continue reading

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Means of Life (9)

“Means of Life” is an inter-disciplinary approach to explore how everything is related  and to pin-point the differences between what we need and what we want. Hunger We are in the middle of an enormous global food crisis – the … Continue reading

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Just another lie

Once you have seen, really seen, you have to live it. There is no doubt about it, and no hesitation. You have realised that you have been living in a dream state and waking up, as well as getting out … Continue reading

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Addiction and Presence

We are all addicted. Addiction bears the handwriting of the ego. It takes a desire, a fixation, and it builds a stronghold around it. The energy of addiction is directed outward and it’s purpose is distraction. Distraction from all that … Continue reading

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Bending truth

Not to long ago I was at a family gathering and someone brought up an old  childhood event that happened many years ago. The curious thing was that both of my sisters, as well as my brother, had a different … Continue reading

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Time of troubles

by Justme I was born in a town in Northern Ireland into a Catholic family in 1969, the year the current ‘troubles’ started. This was when Catholics could not get jobs and discrimination was rife because the protestant dominated state, … Continue reading

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Do you know the saying: When you are ready the teacher will appear”? That has been certainly true in my case. I met my first spiritual teacher at a time I decided to quit a job I felt I could … Continue reading

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Living with Loss

    –by Paul Last summer, when I was staying in Germany with Angelika, I had the pleasure to meet a young man, Rouven Bauer, who is a fine musician and composer. He shared a song with me that he … Continue reading

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