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Feeling into the being

Another deep enquiry with Adyashanti on the subjects of humility, compassion, letting go of the self, more on open-heartedness and how to find clarity and wisdom beyond fear. The first part is called ” The other 50 percent”  and can … Continue reading

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They shouldn’t be like that …

by Abitiki People should be different than they are. Is that true? Can I absolutely know that people should be different than they are? Check it with reality – does it happen? Is it even possible for anyone to be … Continue reading

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Truth is always the safe choice

  A conversation between Geli and Michaela M: Good morning Geli, what shall we talk about today ? G:Good morning Michaela! I would like to talk about relationships and how my “being part of them” has changed during the process … Continue reading

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The aviary

On my morning walks I sometimes pass an aviary – a large enclosure that gives the birds a larger living space that allows them to fly and is made to resemble the natural habitat. I often watch those birds – cockatoos … Continue reading

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Annoying people

A double enquiry between Angelika and Michaela Situation I (Michaela) M: There is something currently in my life that is just ridiculous and somewhat disturbing. So I wonder if we can shed some light on the sub-conscious pattern and solve … Continue reading

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My ego loves a bashing

My ego loves getting a bashing. Ah, I am no rookie anymore. I know what to do in case of my ego really getting pissed off and preparing to unleash a painbody attack. I settle in my observer mode, watch … Continue reading

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Feeling trapped

An enquiry between Angelika and Michaela A: Good merry afternoon, Michaela!!! How are you doing on this Saturday? M: Hi Geli, very merry good afternoon to you too. Have a tea with me ! What is going on in your … Continue reading

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4 questions and a turnaround

Learning to use Byron Katie’s method of  four questions and a turnaround (by Abitiki) These are some examples of doing ‘The Work’, beginning over a year ago. At the time I was becoming aware that I had the emotional maturity … Continue reading

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