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The Willow Tree

A lone Willow Tree stands tall in a field only a breath away from the forest There she sits in her quiet and grace as she listens to the chorus of their promise of glory. She stands in awe of … Continue reading

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Francis of Assisi

On our way home from a wonderful long walk this afternoon, my friend and I suddenly passed by an elderly lady sitting on a step. She seemed to have injured herself and could not stand up. Obviously she had broken … Continue reading

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What are they talking about ?

A very strange evening among very strange more or less elderly ladies. Most of the time they discussed which seats in the theater are the most expensive ones and thus – naturally – the best ones. The rest of the … Continue reading


A gardener called springtime

Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer. ~Geoffrey B. Charlesworth

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Just beautiful

Spring in the botanical garden of the Vienna University

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The incredible moment

“The moment is not only about Mubarak stepping down, it is also about people’s power to bring about the change that no-one … thought possible.”

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Angelic voice

by Lilli I don’t know who is singing, this is awesome ! I never heard this Ave Maria sung with such deep emotions in sombody’s voice. It simply makes me crying. Ave Maria

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Bright eyes

Looking into the mirror in the bathroom some hours ago a situation came into my mind that happened many years ago but the meaning of which I haven’t really recognized until this very moment: In my twenties I had a … Continue reading

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Question of attitude towards life

Instead of moaning about the scaffold, they made a virtue out of a necessity – how I love these creative young guys !

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Topographic map on a leaf

  Isn’t nature the most gorgeous painter of all ? It is unbelievable !

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