Bright eyes

Looking into the mirror in the bathroom some hours ago a situation came into my mind that happened many years ago but the meaning of which I haven’t really recognized until this very moment:

In my twenties I had a meeting one day with some elderly ladies who interviewed me about my life. The meeting took place in an exclusive restaurant, the ladies were very distinguished, the conversation was shallow-brained. I felt like sitting amongst animated mummies. So I told them about my fantastic life together with my little boy who then was about 3 years of age. Both of us have been enjoying every moment of our lives and we had so much fun together. But we lived without a husband and without a father. I separated long before the child was born. The best decision I have ever made. My friends and also my family didn’t understand me at all. I lost many of my friends but I found many new ones and these very close friendships have been lasting till now. People thought I had gone crazy. How could I leave a wealthy and noble man !?

And so the elderly ladies thought: Isn’t it difficult to live that way ? How do you manage ? Doesn’t the child miss a father (no, he has never missed a father – this will be explained in some separate posting) ? The elderly ladies asked and asked, shook their heads, looked at me …. How could she be fine ?

Suddenly one of the elderly ladies, the eldest of them, who had kep silent so far, suddenly said: „She definitely is fine – look at her eyes, they are bright !“

And looking into the mirror today in the bathroom I saw these bright eyes. Millions of sparks within the iris. Because I am fine.

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3 Responses to Bright eyes

  1. Michaela says:

    Thank you Lilli.

    Isn’t it lovely to be suddenly recognised ?

    Its like a light coming through…

  2. Johanna says:

    Thank you Lilli – that’s beautiful. To be enjoying each moment, independent of circumstances!

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