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Symbols of separation

A recent debate on the Madonna-whore complex made me contemplate the appeal of the subject, together with the multiple layers that are revealed. I do believe that any of these “concepts” are valuable pointers, indicating something in us that needs … Continue reading

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Mother, hear a suppliant child !

For Martina with best wishes: Franz Schubert – Ellens Gesang Nr 3 – Ave Maria

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Cancer World

A brilliant article on cancer from this weeks’s New Yorker: Cancer World The more science tells us about the cancer cell, the more it resembles us. It wants to grow and multiply, as we do, but it doesn’t know how … Continue reading

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Hands up in surrender !

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Accept your Weaknesses

I’m learning to accept who I am… I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by people who forgive my faults and flaws as I forgive theirs. I can never hold a grudge for very long because I know how it feels … Continue reading

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