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Remember a father

When I read ” Time of Troubles”, I could not help but notice how much we are connected. We all come from different places and backgrounds. We have different stories, challenges and personalities – and yet, we are inseparable. Today … Continue reading

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The word ‘ego’ is regularly used. Both here, as in ETTV. In Islam there is a similar term; Nafs. Man’s struggle with the Nafs is called Jihad, or the big Jihad. And of course…. It is a feminine word. :-P… … Continue reading

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True friendship

True friend is, who knows everything about you and still loves you.

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The Tao is the way

Practicing eternity. Verse 52 from the tao-te-ching is about accepting the shadows in oneself. To turn to oneself and allowing everything to be as it is. The past is nothing but a passing cloud, leaving a shadow. Find the shadow … Continue reading

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