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Upon Seeing You Cry

           Love is like water. I am love. You are too. If you crack me open, I do not break rather, picture a pebble momentarily splitting the water’s surface and then, the quiet stillness resumes. Water, … Continue reading

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On Harmony

A conversation between Angelika and Michaela M: Good morning, Geli G: Hello Michaela! M: What is going on in your life right now ? G: I have made an observation, that really struck me. I am bathed in harmony and, … Continue reading

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Stillness behind the words

Buddha – a poem by Rainer M. Rilke for J.D. As if he listened. Quiet…something far… We hold our breath, hearing it no longer. And he is star. And other giant stars, unseen by us, orbit him out yonder. He … Continue reading

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The Parting

The Parting A poem by Justme

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When the mind is still, it is the perfect mirror.

If there are no thoughts or ideas to cloud the image, the reflection is clear and undisturbed. A quiet mind is like the surface of a lake on a calm day. If it is holding thougths or ideas, the reflection … Continue reading

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Conversation #2

Conversation # 2 Saturday, August 14th, 2010 M: Hello Geli. How are you this morning ? A: Is this a real question? M: Of course it is…. A: O.K. I am tired and worn out from acting out in resistance. … Continue reading

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