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Sin and Judgement

Another fantastic painting I have seen many, many times and find so apropos for our overall theme…a very deep teaching in images, symbols and color. Hieronymus Bosch – The Last Judgement Tryptich from the formidable “SmartHistory” project. Enjoy

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The pressure of God’s infinite

Listening to Orpheus (19) Words are meant to speak the truth. That is what words are for. And this is what the poet does – he speaks the truth. Hamza Yussuf on “What happened to poetry ?” (3/5)

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What happened to poetry ?

Listening to Orpheus (17) (A word to the effect of counting. I don’ have a system. Some of the postings in this category I consider auxiliary in terms of developing the theme and so they don’t get a number. Others … Continue reading

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Beethoven composed the piano trio in D, Op 70 “Ghost” in 1808, when he was nearly completely deaf and clearly in a mystical mood. The trio is dubbed “the Ghost Sonata” because of its strangely scored and undeniably eerie-sounding slow … Continue reading

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A mass for the spirit

A prayer coming out of absolute of stillness The ‘Missa solemnis’ is considered to be one of Beethoven’s most profound creations. Composed only a few years before his death, approximately around the time of the 9th symphony, Beethoven himself considered … Continue reading

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Immortal Beloved

When he lodged in Heiligenstadt, during the summer of 1802, Beethoven did not only have to come to terms with losing his hearing and related to this, his career as a highly sought after conductor – he also lost the … Continue reading

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