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Sin and Judgement

Another fantastic painting I have seen many, many times and find so apropos for our overall theme…a very deep teaching in images, symbols and color. Hieronymus Bosch – The Last Judgement Tryptich from the formidable “SmartHistory” project. Enjoy

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Orpheus: I will charm death himself

This is the second part of Anthony Minghella’s adaptation of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Not just a story – but a myth, full of pointers and hints to a profound truth

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The Art of Teaching

On the Sofa with MorrisGraves and Paul Exploring Presence in Art and Music Education Class Settings P: Hi Morris, Welcome to the “On the Sofa” section of the Room4Truth blog. It is really nice that you can be here today. … Continue reading

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The master of chaos

Jackson Pollock’s “One: Number 31”, painted 1950. Jackson Pollock was a major force in the abstract expressionism movement, and a dark and moody maverick.  He was undeniably an innovative artistic genius and more.  His technique has been carefully studied and it’s … Continue reading

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What is a moment?

“Moments” by Will Hoffman. This films is a celebration of life that was inspired by David Eagleman’s book, Sum. From moment to moment, the life unfolds itself. It is phenomena. How amazing!

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