Make new from old

Dear friends and visitors,

The overarching theme of the Living Room is ” How to live a life based on Truth”

This blog exists since 2010 and reflects my own journey, as well as featuring the contributions of many souls that I met along the way. What an exciting, surprising and fulfilling time it has been and now, almost 4 years and hundreds of postings later, I can honestly say – what a trip and we have not seen anything yet !

So come in and take a look around. You will find a comfy sofa to sit on and chat with friends, a cosy armchair to tell your story, an inviting window seat for contemplation and a pretty mirror for reflections. There are books, magazines, music and many other items to be found on the coffee table and you can withdraw to the kitchen, everybody’s favorite place;

Check out the themes and different collections, like “Listening to Orpheus” or ” Means of Life”, or ” Michaela on Medicine”, or enjoy the Original Poetry.

Please comment and share your own thoughts and experiences. As always, if you have a an idea, perhaps a subject that raised your interest or  a question you wish to explore, and of course  if you would like to contribute, please send me an email.

Enjoy the Living Room, share with your friends and return any time you like !

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Finding the golden thread

Close your eyesheart-1

Dear friends & visitors,

You may have noticed that the  contributions under the title “Finding the golden thread” are password protected. If you are interested in reading them, please send me an email.

Thank you

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Protected: Athena the Weaver

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Every story is ours

As everything changes overnight,
I praise the breaking of promises.
Whatever love wants, it gets,
not next year, now !

I swear by the one who never says tomorrow,
as the circle of the moon refuses to sell installments of light
It gives all it has, whatever that is at the moment.

How do fables conclude, and who will explain them?
Every story is ours. That is who we are,
from beginning to no-matter-how it ends.

Should I use the pronoun we?
the friend walks by, and bricks in the wall feel conscious.
Infertile women give birth. Beauty embodies itself.

Those who know the taste of a meal
are those who sit at the table and eat.

Lover and friend are one being,
and separate beings too,
as the polisher melts in the mirror’s face.


From: Rumi ” Everything and Everyone Else
Translated by Coleman Barks

Posted originally Nov 13th, 2010
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Protected: Of Sacrifice and Snowdrops

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A thrilling journey

This is Mozart’s last symphony, composed in the summer of 1788.
This is so much more than a piece of classical music…this is a piece of eternity

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Silent Night, Holy Night

Happy Christmas, everyOne

Come with me

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Appeal to eternity

For me, Mozart is about pure, heavenly joy…but also about profound depth and tragedy.There is a great secret surrounding the last 3 symphonies – # 39,40 and 41 and some believe they have been written for posterity.

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W.A. Mozart: Regina Coeli in C major, K. 276


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A wondrous comet appeared…

Dayandfaber722013T123254In 1552, a curious and lavishly illustrated manuscript titled Augsburg Book of Miraculous Signs appeared in the  City of Augsburg, then a part of the Holy Roman Empire, located in present-day Germany. It exorcised, in remarkable detail and wildly imaginative artwork, Medieval Europe’s growing obsession with signs sent from “God” — a testament to the basic human propensity for magical thinking, with which we often explain feelings and phenomena beyond the grasp of our logic. This unusual Roman manuscript was recently discovered and published for the first time as The Book of Miracles .

Folio 28: “In 1007 A.D., a wondrous comet appeared…It gave off fire and flames in every direction. It was seen in Germany and Welschland and it fell onto the earth.”
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