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rhizome of choice

The shadows of rhizomes creep Across the border of the self…. Influence on the reaching choices Wrung from the presentable known. This tableau of the creative tilting Toward a balancing weight, Of limb and root, of earth and sky, A … Continue reading

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Specks on the Mirror

by Jerome My original intent was to present some musings on the reality of form, but to the amusement of my larger consciousness, I was give a different and deeper title to this thread. Nevertheless, I shall begin where the … Continue reading

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Imagineering by Jerome You see sheer and jagged rock, Overhangs and shadows, lichen Grey and green on granite Looming high above any comprehension Of ascending, With only circumnavigation possible. You consider the majesty of the cliff An enigma, cold and … Continue reading

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Patterns in the energy of awakening

The title of a recent thread on the Eckhart Tolle forum site invoked the concept of implosion as it related to the activity of members of the forum. That concept of implosion inspired a recognition and examination of subtle energetic … Continue reading

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