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A new heaven, a new earth

Should one be worried if prophecies start to make complete sense ? I don’t know how this is going to happen, I just know this IS happening right now and we all are a part of it. In fact, we … Continue reading

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Seeing what is not true

There is a certain stage in this process, when you find yourself acutely aware of the Truth about yourself and everything around you, and you are stunned by the sheer magnitude of illusion you have been following all your life. … Continue reading

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The Return of the Feminine Face of God

By Nancy Several months ago a movement was started by Gay Hendricks and Arjuna Ardagh on Facebook.    They wrote a piece called “A Manifesto for Conscious Men”.  It created quite a stir from many women, who were moved to tears; … Continue reading

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The Question of Death

By Justme After the recent ‘disaster’ in Japan there has been a lot of discussion and questioning. Some discussions have raised an ever re-appearing question ” Why has God allowed this disaster to happen? ” There is plenty of evidence … Continue reading

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On the Problem of Form

by Wassily Kandinsky At the appointed time, necessities become ripe. That is the time when the Creative Spirit (which one can also designate as the Abstract Spirit) finds an avenue to the soul, later to other souls, and causes a … Continue reading

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The Creator

Henri Matisse called the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence ‘the crowning achievement of my entire career’ – which is an astounding statement for somebody who thought of himself an atheist. But as much Picasso understood the descent into hell, … Continue reading

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Open the Window

There is a street where the Beautiful One is known to take a stroll. When certain radiance is noticed through the latticed windows of that neighbourhood. people whisper, The Beloved must be near Listen: open a window to God and breathe. … Continue reading

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Drop the baggage and dance

  ‘Just to be in your presence is the point of my life, cooked and drowned, nothinged, nowhere. Someone who has not dissolved still loves places. But you say, Leave. There is no place for you.’ (excerpted from Rumi’s poem … Continue reading

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Teachers along the path

Remembering significant people and events Teachers along the path by Randy O Did you have a teacher is a very interesting and cool question to begin the opening moments of this writing endeavor. My first ten years of life is … Continue reading

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