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A leap of faith

Adyashanti on how to develop ” not knowing” and to act from wisdom.

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A conscious mind

Prof Antonio Damasio on how  the brain creates our sense of self ?

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They shouldn’t be like that …

by Abitiki People should be different than they are. Is that true? Can I absolutely know that people should be different than they are? Check it with reality – does it happen? Is it even possible for anyone to be … Continue reading

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Emotions and disease (2)

I often get asked about the relationship between emotions and disease. There is a lot of interest in the subject and many people intuitively know that there is a close relation between how they feel and their state of health. … Continue reading

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The Restless Mind

by Gale Early this morning, my old dog paced from one room to another, settling down for a few seconds only to get back up and put her nose to the door to be let out. Moments later she would … Continue reading

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The rat king

The more open I become, the more surprises I get. There is so much “emotional garbage” in this body, who would have thought! It is very much like cleaning out a basement – behind all the clutter you find even … Continue reading

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When the mind is still, it is the perfect mirror.

If there are no thoughts or ideas to cloud the image, the reflection is clear and undisturbed. A quiet mind is like the surface of a lake on a calm day. If it is holding thougths or ideas, the reflection … Continue reading

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