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Friends on the path – Surrender

Friends on the path came together yet once again. This time they meet at the dawn of the anxiously  anticipated Dec 21, 2012, a day rife with prophecies, colourful expectations and an unusually intense planetary alignment. The “end of the … Continue reading

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Seeing what is not true

There is a certain stage in this process, when you find yourself acutely aware of the Truth about yourself and everything around you, and you are stunned by the sheer magnitude of illusion you have been following all your life. … Continue reading

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The Small Print

Did I really sign up for all that ? I love Adyashanti’s clarity in terms of explaining what enlightenment really is about. The part of losing the center is confusingly awesome and as far as I am concerned, I much … Continue reading

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The Dark Night

By Nancy I’m in it right now…. and I hope that in my writing it helps another. It’s been a long process, starting with the death of my 30 year old son in 2007. Seems everything is being stripped from … Continue reading

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Make new from old

All my life I have had a fascination with food and that was actually more than just a past time , it was a passion. I just love food, everything about it. The smell, the taste, the appearance, the texture, … Continue reading

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Like a gnat against the wind

  “One who runs away is a gnat against the wind. One who runs away is a thief fleeing from moonlight. When god makes someone stubborn and ignorant, that person gives up Heaven’s lofty abode and flees to Hell Anyone … Continue reading

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Wasting away

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease, that affects the lung and other organs. It is associated with malnutrion and low sanitation and housing standards and it is surging dangerously in the developing world. According to the WHO, there will be 10 … Continue reading

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Recently I noticed a major change in myself – I do no longer fake confidence. The way I used to do that was by constantly re-assuring others that we were on the right track, doing the right thing and absolutely … Continue reading

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Symbols of separation

A recent debate on the Madonna-whore complex made me contemplate the appeal of the subject, together with the multiple layers that are revealed. I do believe that any of these “concepts” are valuable pointers, indicating something in us that needs … Continue reading

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The aviary

On my morning walks I sometimes pass an aviary – a large enclosure that gives the birds a larger living space that allows them to fly and is made to resemble the natural habitat. I often watch those birds – cockatoos … Continue reading

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