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Sharing the rediscovery of wonder

A very inspiring talk from Janet Echelman on taking imagination seriously

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Knowledge, Wisdom and Creativity

Eckhart Tolle @ Google Talks:   “Living with Meaning, Purpose and Wisdom in the Digital Age.”

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The tyranny of common sense

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution

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He has to vanish

Sonnets to Orpheus I/5 Erect no gravestone for him . Only this: let the rose blossom each year for his sake. For it is the god.  His metamorphosis in this and that. We do not need to look for other … Continue reading

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Difficult is closer to the truth

Listening to Orpheus (12) What is a man required to give up to become eligible to dare the descent into the underworld and reemerge with something really new, radically different and groundbreaking ? This is a full length movie exploring the … Continue reading

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We don’t need a reason…

The shared experience of absurdity. An inspiration. Watch how in the end he feels compelled to address the common critique to his action ” These people have too much time on their hands”. This does say something about our addiction … Continue reading

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Eschew profit

By Clay Christiansen Steve Jobs retires as the CEO of Apple with a reputation that will place him amongst the pantheon of history’s great global business leaders. Many people have written about what makes Jobs and Apple special, but I … Continue reading

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    Spent an afternoon with two teenagers decorating cupcakes. Lovely to see creativity in action. They worked for hours, concentrated, focused and happily. I worked after-hours washing the dishes and picking little sugar pearls from behind everywhere. Finding the … Continue reading

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