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He has to vanish

Sonnets to Orpheus I/5 Erect no gravestone for him . Only this: let the rose blossom each year for his sake. For it is the god.  His metamorphosis in this and that. We do not need to look for other … Continue reading

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The realisation of presence

A meditation with Eckhart Tolle (Dec 17,2011)

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Means of Life (10)

There comes a time you leave it to the master… I happened to come across a lecture from Carolyne Myss today and she is putting it all together, much better and much more profoundly than I can ever dream of … Continue reading

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A song of suffering

At the same time Beethoven was at the pinnacle of his creative powers, despite his deafness and failing health, another composer faced disease, poverty and death in the imperial city of Vienna: Franz Schubert (b 1797 d 1828) 1823 was … Continue reading

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