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Corporate Corruption

This is an article about the alarming incidence of business corruption at the highest levels. And we are not talking about poor third world countries – this is about advanced economies with “good governance”. But it is all in the open, … Continue reading

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Know what is in front of you

Osama bin Laden took on a role the world needed. Archetypes are energies in all of us. I find it very useful to work with archetypes in terms of articulating what is going on in – and outside of ourselves. … Continue reading

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Every question has to be on the table

Note: The story of Obama bin Laden and the world’s obsession with protecting their interest and imagined security, is a perfect example of how thought (energy)  creates reality (matter).  So let us take heart and see what is true and … Continue reading

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A code of secrecy

By Yuliya Tymoshenko  It began as a grey and muddy spring day, like so many others in my homeland. It ended in dread and mourning. Of course, none of us knew the precise moment when catastrophe struck at Chernobyl 25 … Continue reading

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On addiction

More and more I am coming to the conclusion that the mechanism of addiction is at the core of all our suffering. It is what is keeping us in the world of illusion and it prevents us from seeing what … Continue reading

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The master of chaos

Jackson Pollock’s “One: Number 31”, painted 1950. Jackson Pollock was a major force in the abstract expressionism movement, and a dark and moody maverick.  He was undeniably an innovative artistic genius and more.  His technique has been carefully studied and it’s … Continue reading

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Walkers don’t drive

Sometimes I think it all began when I stopped driving. Some years ago I moved to a big city and quickly realised  I wouldn’t need a car there.  After decades of driving I found myself walking, riding my bicycle or … Continue reading

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Taking part in the dance

A Conversation between Justme and Michaela

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