Taking part in the dance

A Conversation between Justme and Michaela

Let no man say what is right or wrong
For the answer is in this very song
Dance dance where ever you may be
For I am the lord of the dance said he.
and I will lead you all, wherever you may be (at)
and I will lead you all in the dance said he.

M: This verse feels like a great pointer. What does it mean to you ?

J: We believe as people who have a little insight and as people who have exposure to the truth that somehow we have a greater view of the world. Through this we believe we are open minded but the reality is we get upset at the slightest changes. Therefore open your mind let no man say whats right or wrong and start to dance…..

M: Ah, I am not a very good dancer. A proper Viennese waltz is danced  1-2 and then, perhaps…3. The “perhaps” is when I step on my partners toes. So show me how to get in the rhythm please ?

J: What/who is a good dancer what/who cannot be a good dancer? Life is a rhythm, the rivers flow to a rhythm, the trees bend to the wind in rhythm and the birds flap their wings to a rhythm. Therefore since we are essentially from the same substance and governed by the same law we are all dancing and moving to the rhythm.

You might ask why it feels some can move to the rhythm of music better than others – the reason is two fold.

1, It only seems that way, for a beat when it sounds penetrates the soul and will always be recognised when left and space has been given.

2, We get in our own way- we as humans have the unique ability to shut out who we are therefore by ignoring the beat and by not allowing ourselves to be guided by the rhythm which is attached to the rhythm of life we forget and act as if we are the creator and therefore the administrator of the dance, which can only lead to standing on someones toe.

When no one is around and you listen to the music and feel the rhythm you move not as men told you how to move but as the music or rhythm guides you- there is no good dancers and bad dancers- let the rhythm of life lead you , just listen and dance, for I am the lord of the dance said he, and I will lead you all where-ever you may be ((just be still and listen and feel) for I AM THE LORD of the dance said he. He didn’t say you are the lord of the dance- therefore you have no responsibility but to surrender and be led. Such is the dance of life.

M: When I was a kid, I often listened to my dad playing the piano. I remember I liked to touch the instrument, because I could feel it vibrate and this somehow enhanced the sensation of the sound. It became a full body experience, because it resonated and thus made my heart dance. Music still does that to me, it gets me to a higher frequency and I feel I am completely attuned to the rhythm. So I for myself I could just  easily flow with it, but when it comes to dancing with someone, somehow I get two left feet.

So how to surrender and allow to be led ?

J: If I was to ask you to walk from A to B could you do it ?

If I ask you to walk down the centre of a large room surrounded by hundreds of people. what would happen? Would you do that which is unique to human beings, would you become self aware? Would you become aware of the mental concept called Michaela? If you do then suddenly that which becomes natural becomes attached to and limited because your concept of you is limited, your concept of you in that situation will be that you are subject to the world of opposites, good and bad. You might be able to walk good or walk badly ! Do you understand?

Now how do you walk easily or dance easily ? Easy – accept that no one knows you and all they think about you or what you think about them is untrue, therefore you may be walking or dancing in front of everyone but in your stillness you are dancing and walking with the universe.

Cant get this into your head ?

On the other hand accept you feel like you cant dance and dance anyway – it does not make any difference.

M: One predicament is feeling self-conscious, which is becoming aware of the “concept” of myself and all the expectations I may have about myself. That could be that I badly want to be a good dancer and get into the flow. The more I want something to happen, the more forced it will appear and it wont be fun. The other one is to bid goodbye to the concept of what is a good dancer and what is a bad dancer, because this is just a matter of judgement. Well, that much I can get into my head.

So fine. I accept I feel I cant dance. What a relief. It does not matter anymore.

But then I have also made the experience, I do not really need to be a good dancer or know the steps or anything. When my partner happens to be a good dancer, suddenly I can do it too. So what is the secret there ? How would you – a good dancer – lead me, the one who has humbly accepted she cannot do it no matter what, in the dance ?

J: You must lose the idea of good and bad. There is a recognised accumulation through man of what is acceptable and what is fantastic and what is not. This may not be true, it is acceptance that you are looking for and you want that because you want to make your connection with others and therefore with yourself. If the opposite of what you call a good dancer became the ‘fashion’ today and everyone loved it and you say became the best at this (previously terrible) dancing would that mean the original dancing of yesterday, the people who danced that became terrible. That’s a drawn out answer but I hope you know what I mean. All these opinions are temporary.

No person has ever truly led another. It is the recognition of truth which leads.

‘ I of my own self can do nothing, the father within he do the works’

No one adds truth to anyone else the person just recognises the truth which had always been with in them.

Now dance Michaela.

M: I am afraid that won’t quite work yet.  A Viennese waltz is not an easy thing to do. It is danced to the left, it has really fast parts, and then again there is a lot of the subdued “perhaps” tempi. So good dancers communicate ceaselessly. They establish a connection and there is a special language, without words. To lose the self-consciousness or the idea of what a good dancer should look like, is helpful. It helps to quiet the mind. But then its getting out of the mind completely. Dancing is a beautiful analogy to surrender, because this is what is happening – finding the same rhythm – or frequency – and allowing to resonate with the music, the atmosphere and with each other.. This resonance is the analogy for ‘ I of my own self can do nothing, the father within he do the works’ . If accepting  means letting go of the idea of wanting the experience to look or feel in a certain way, then surrender simply means to relax into myself.

And the job of the “good” dancer is to “hold” the less experienced one, so she can relax and concentrate on finding the right frequency. Which won’t happen if I don’t trust or close up or approach the whole thing in a state of resistance.

So give me a your definition of the surrender part, Justme ?

J: For some unknown reason you always talk about someone else helping or doing this or that ?

The universe helps because everything is as it should be.

You see we got to lose the idea about doing. There is nothing we can do to get to heaven. There is nothing another can do for us to drag us to heaven. They cant dance us to heaven either.

You cant make yourself be a spiritual being – you either are or your not.

Surrender is remembering to let go of all of your opinions and also to stop trying. It is a letting go.

M: The universe is in charge,I am in complete agreement. Everything is as it should be – but how do you know what that is ? To be surrendered to what is does not mean to be passive. It means to follow intuition, or that inner voice or whatever form guidance presents itself. If I am not in resistance to it, it is easy and it feels completely natural. Just the right thing to do. That is my compass. Who says I am doing something to get to heaven ?  We all are there already, so whats wrong with getting settled ?

Praying without ceasing is about communication. It is a constant communication with everything that is around. That includes people of course, but it is not limited to human beings. We all make up this field, this space. And if I just sit there and remember I don’t know, nothing happens. Nothing at all. Because its just a part of the truth. I am missing the real thing.

J: No when you do not know you give up everything. It is passive because what you are saying is give up knowing but then don’t be passive. To follow intuition , you say. The problem is you are talking about giving up but with terms. How can you give up but not be passive? Either you give up or you don’t? You cant set the terms you can only accept that you don’t know and see what happens.

M: We give up the idea of “knowing “ what this moment is about. This is a big step, because I admit to myself that all my experiences and all my previous knowledge  amount to nothing in this very moment. It means to stop reaching into the past to tackle an issue at hand. So for example, lets say I have lost my job and I am looking for new work. My experiences tell me that certain methods have worked in the past, so I am inclined of using them again. However, this is a new “moment”, so what I have learned doing a while ago, does not apply to the current situation. When I realise this, I let go of the idea that I have the answer of how to find a new job – which basically means I acknowledge that I don’t know.

Then I listen into myself and if I am quiet, the answers will come. To me this is not a passive process, it is allowing for something to come through me, which basically means I am participating fully in the dance of life. Not my will but thine, but this is not passive – even though I am not making choices of my own.

The other thing is that may very well require some effort is to clear away some of the barriers that prevent me from being open and receptive. All the tensions, stress and irritation are nothing but an expression of resistance and  underneath they point to some unresolved issues festering in the basement. How can I let go of them, if I don’t even feel or recognise them ?

So in order to give up everything, I first have to be willing to  look at everything.

J: You are caught in the trap of the mind. You see yourself as the doer.

You talk about experience and using your experience.

When you totally let go without prejudice then you have moved out of the way and you have access to all consciousness and whatever happens, happens. You cant let go with conditions. The key then is to see what happens. Maybe you will find that in the present moment all needs are catered for?

You said “So in order to give up everything, I first have to be able to look at everything”.

To look over your life and to begin to analyse it may lead to some understanding but ultimately who is looking over it ? Is it not the same mind that shaped your life up to that point? To analyse and to start to deal with your ‘feelings’ is going to be like chasing your tail, it will go around and around in circles and perhaps the only thing that it might do to help is bring you back to the start and a realization that it is a waste of time. Perhaps and this is for everyone to try and see what happens but maybe just learning to let go and accept you dont know what will happen or not happen and that there is only this moment and whatever will be will be and maybe ‘he goes before me to make the crooked places straight’.

M: We are all caught in the trap of the mind. There are large unconscious pockets to the “egoic mind” and there are experiences or memories we simply want to avoid. Everyone has that and to feel pressure, stress or resistance is an attempt to avoid unpleasant or conflicting feelings.

What does it mean to let go totally ? To me it means to cease wanting anything to be different than it is. Letting go means to accept fully and without condition. There is only YES in letting go, not “yes, but…” It is the counter-movement to the ego. The ego always wants to grasp and hold on to something, letting go means to simply let it be. Letting go means let it be. It means to experience it as it is and no stories around it.

When I say “In order to let go fully, I have to be willing to look at everything”, I do not mean analysis. Analysis is an interpretation of an observation and that would be in contradiction to what I said before.  It may have its place in some instances, but to be willing to face everything means to allow and meet and welcome anything that is there. I wont ‘deal ‘with my feelings, I leave them alone, but I do observe and acknowledge them. Frustration, anger, fear or grief – I stay with them fully, give them space and allow them to be – and this is how I experience the letting go. Letting go is the physical experience of giving space to something and simply be with it. Sometimes the resistance drops, it feels like a huge relief, like something “opens up”. Letting go is a process, it is not an activity, mental or otherwise.

J: You can feel many things ,many times a day. If you let go everything is let go.

You see we look for the hard task. We look for the catch.

There is no catch just let go. Simple.

Hard always to remember but simple.

I am letting go now Michaela. Do you want to let go?

Come to the edge with me and let us………… fly !

M: Oh, I knew you are an excellent dance teacher ! It is all about trusting life and finding the right rhythm – and then just dance, or fly and be free.

J: Some final words on the subject:

Dance dance where ever you may be
For I am the lord of the dance said he.
and I will lead you all, wherever you may be (at)
and I will lead you all in the dance said he.

You don’t have to lead , let go and let god.

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance” Eckhart Tolle.

“..the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation,of fulfillment in whatever form. Both are illusions” Eckhart Tolle

August 22nd, 2010

About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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5 Responses to Taking part in the dance

  1. Sheila says:

    That was very touching, Justme and Michaela.
    The beginning brought back a memory for me….I grew up in a Polish parish in Connecticut (from birth to 8 y/o). Every Sunday in the summer we would go to the park for the parish picnic. There was a band and dance pavillion and the band would play lots of polkas. As young as 5 y/o, I would dance the polka with any willing adult. It was so much fun! I would follow these dance partners all around the dance floor……….with my whole heart and soul and my feet flying and working to keep up! It was glorious. Complete surrender. Ah the beauty of being a child………no feelings of self-consciousness. I loved those weekends……..smell of gwumpkies in the air, cotton candy, cokes and pony rides.
    As an adult, I started stepping on toes……..accused of trying to ‘lead’. There were some that I flowed with………was I in surrender or were they allowing me to ‘lead’? Interesting thought.
    In any case, what Justme seems to be pointing to for me is that time in my life where I was free…………and ‘the way’ is to accept not knowing and question any/all my beliefs in this moment and surrender to ‘nothing’ and see what happens.
    Thank you for the lovely memory and pointer.

  2. Aralan says:

    What a beautiful conversation. The new earth arises.

  3. JUSTME says:

    Aralan, I looked at your blog. I read what you said. (tried to post)

    You speak the truth.

    Thats it.

  4. Johanna says:

    Wonderful discussion, thank you, Michaela & Justme! I have been going through a similar questioning… There is a lot of guilt & self-reproach, which I seem to have been dragging around with me like a heavy stone, chained to my leg. Do I have to pick it apart, or is it possible to just let it go? Can I just “trust the process”, without analyzing things? That’s the big question for m at the moment.

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