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"Pixie's are the ones that give us our moments of insight or inspiration. They can appear to be flashes (or sparkles) of light to the human eye. They are virtually perpetual effervescent children their entire life -- appearing young and acting young at heart. They come and help people that are wishing for change in their life. Magical moments, sparks of inspiration, quick changes in creativity. They can appear as dots of color when you see many of them and it means it's time for a change." Christopher Valentine - Christian von Lahr

The Return of the Feminine Face of God

By Nancy Several months ago a movement was started by Gay Hendricks and Arjuna Ardagh on Facebook.    They wrote a piece called “A Manifesto for Conscious Men”.  It created quite a stir from many women, who were moved to tears; … Continue reading

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The Dark Night

By Nancy I’m in it right now…. and I hope that in my writing it helps another. It’s been a long process, starting with the death of my 30 year old son in 2007. Seems everything is being stripped from … Continue reading

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