The Return of the Feminine Face of God

By Nancy

Several months ago a movement was started by Gay Hendricks and Arjuna Ardagh on Facebook.    They wrote a piece called “A Manifesto for Conscious Men”.  It created quite a stir from many women, who were moved to tears; men who agreed we need to change; and men who weren’t sure this was the right change (or who just didn’t understand).
Recently they added a YouTube video and you can see that here.

Dear Woman

The comments would have given you an idea of how split people are on this (and many other topics now)….  those who want a “change” and are moving toward it; those who want “change”, but not the responsibility (ability to respond) required; and those who frankly want us to go back to the safer, “known” ground (that isn’t there any longer – but they don’t “know” that).  However, there was so much activity, they had to disable the comments.  So, if you want to read on this, you will have to “like” the Facebook page.

I sent this video to a lot of people on my e-mail list and received one reply from a woman (who lives in a pretty male-dominated, patriarchal area (as I do) who said, “This is beautiful… if it were only true.  I think it would be safe to say that as a whole, 99.99% still believe they are superior to women and always will be.  I used to say if I could raise my son better than my mother-in-law raised hers,  I’d be doing something.  I’m pretty sure it is genetic, they feel their needs are to be met first and fore most.  Right or wrong, that’s the way I see it.  We’ll always love them, but as a whole I don’t see them changing.  It would be nice though!  I have a brother-in-law whole still thinks he is the BOSS of the family and its only his opinion that counts.  Can you believe that?  He says the bible says so, the wife must be submissive to her husband!  They read no further,  husband must treat his wife better than himself!”

The true, feminine face has been missing for so long in our cultures – that it’s possible we (women and men) don’t even know what it is (are confused).  My friend’s e-mail sounded like she wishes for it to change, but isn’t willing to lend her positive energy to the cause. If she really wanted it to change, wouldn’t she be talking about how wonderful the video was (without arguing why it will always be like that), or talking about what we both can do to clear out our old stuck patriarchal patterns or male-energy ways of doing things, etc.?

I have to admit, when I first discovered that my adrenal glands were exhausted and struck out on a alternative or holistic health journey, I had no idea about masculine versus feminine energy.  Like many others in western culture.  I assumed a person was a man or a woman… period end.  People talk about “energy” all the time… but what is it and why figure that out, unless you “have to”.  Well, I had to…. I had health issues that the doctors didn’t see, didn’t believe, and couldn’t help me with.  I had created them on the energy level and they needed to be also healed on that level.

I’d created a lot of it by being too much in my “male” – or “doing” energy.  The feminist movement was wonderful and got us moving… out of those old servitude roles were we trapped in for so long – but it got us out by “competing” with men.  It was great and it was necessary and I am grateful to those suffragists and feminists who came before and gave me opportunities I would have never had.  However, this is a new time…. and we must BE in our balance (our personal balance) of masculine / feminine – respective to our own life to bring about something new.  In my astrology, I have nine planets in feminine houses and five in masculine houses.  This gives me an indication of what percentage is best for ME for my personal balance.  Others are different and their balance is different and that is good for them and good for me, that we aren’t all the same.

If we wish for men to be in their feminine energy more easily and effortlessly (when required), then should we expect the men to do this first, or should we stop doing so much….  Stop wearing ourselves out…. Just stop….  Slow down….  and  instead of Do-Be-Do-Be-Do (Frank Sinatra style) – shift into Be-Do-Be-Do-Be…. at least relative to our personal masculine / feminine energy balance? If women continue to do, do, do, they often will be brought to a screeching halt.  We must change the balance of energies on the planet and the more we accept this period as a healing time, the sooner I believe we will find our balance.

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?  Does God change things, or do we?  So, if we have been out of balance with our male / female energy… and WE corrected that, would that bring the feminine side of God back – or did she return already and we are just having a hard time dealing with it (so foreign to us)?  Maybe we are more powerful creators ourselves than we know (being God’s children) and everything works in conjunction?  Maybe we need to stop waiting for someone outside of us to return and save the day – God, Jesus, our husband, our friend?

Maybe WE can change the world when we change our views?

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"Pixie's are the ones that give us our moments of insight or inspiration. They can appear to be flashes (or sparkles) of light to the human eye. They are virtually perpetual effervescent children their entire life -- appearing young and acting young at heart. They come and help people that are wishing for change in their life. Magical moments, sparks of inspiration, quick changes in creativity. They can appear as dots of color when you see many of them and it means it's time for a change." Christopher Valentine - Christian von Lahr
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8 Responses to The Return of the Feminine Face of God

  1. Michaela says:

    Nancy, I have to admit I was not such a big fan of the “dear woman” video in the beginning, because I found it a bit corny ( just my opinion, maybe a question of culture). Then I noticed the reaction of both – men and women and somehow it seems to touch on something, and that on several levels. Most importantly acknowledging the gender- imbalance, but also touching on the true meaning of the “return of the feminine”. There is so much rubbish out there in terms of new age concepts, its hard to find pertinent information. I do appreciate that you took the time to actually explain what that fabled “female principle” is all about and give some examples.

    So thank you and I hoep for rich discussion

    • Nancy says:

      I read the original Manifesto when it first came out… and followed the comments, etc. I also didn’t adore the video… but I did adore the discussion (energy) around it.

      Bottom line to me is that we all have masculine and feminine energy (left / right brain) — in varying percentages (depending on the unique person). I often feel people are confused… thinking you are talking men / women (not masculine / feminine energy). Therefore, they are thinking you are saying one is better than another… and that’s not it. To me, masculine is necessary and wonderful… I love masculine energy and males! Maybe just more acceptance, respect, admiration of the feminine qualities below (from women and men)?

      Left brain is logic, intellect (thinking), action, directed, focused, goal-oriented (power, dominance, leadership) …. (ACTIVE energy or DOING) We NEED those traits in our culture.

      Right brain is creativity and intuition, emotional (feeling), receptive, multi-tasking (or unfocused), relationship oriented (PASSIVE energy or BEING)… and maybe? we need MORE of those traits (only because we’ve not been in them that much for a while… men or women)?

      If you search on the web, you find a lot of words for masculine energy and not so many for feminine energy — maybe because it’s more “flowing” or “undefined”… or maybe because we’ve ALL (men and women) been in our masculine energy more for so long that we don’t really know what it is (what I was attempting to say). Thanks for allowing me some exploration and discussion.

      Normally, I’d say I’d love to hear what other’s think (but then I’d only be asking for mind-based, logical thoughts. I want to know what you think and how you feel about this. 🙂

      • Michaela says:

        You inspired me to write my own take on the subject…:-)

        The Feminine is Waiting

        I think – and feel – it is important to educate men and women alike what that means. We all feel it in ourselves and this is the reason why the video fell on such fertile ground. It is quite clear what is happening, its radical, unstoppable and beautiful, and I do think it would be best if people knew what is happening. The current power battles we see on the outside, as well as the nuclear meld-down in Japan, are all outer signs of an inner struggle.

      • Nancy says:

        Great post Michaela on Yin / Yang! Love that!
        We are saying different things in each of our posts… but the same also!
        Won’t it be great when people can see the divinity in themselves and everyone else? All the things they love about what a person is saying (but keeping their own perspective of the energy also) — rather than fighting? (what we just did with our posts)? When feminine energy is fully present and grounded? I am SOOO excited!

  2. Michaela says:

    I will say it tough, reading some of the reactions to the manifesto, it sounds to me like many women seem to believe that men have to change – but not women. Frankly, women have neglected the feminine principle as much – or even more – than many men.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree Michaela and although I don’t like to “should” on myself, maybe I should have written this sentence this way: “….. clear out OUR old stuck patriarchal patterns or male-energy ways” — meaning women.

  3. Nancy says:

    Oh…. and by the way… I adore the picture you chose for this post. Thank you! Beautiful!

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