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The Willow Tree

A lone Willow Tree stands tall in a field only a breath away from the forest There she sits in her quiet and grace as she listens to the chorus of their promise of glory. She stands in awe of … Continue reading

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Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. The Buddha

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Deepwater Horizon, Apr 20 2010, the biggest oil spill in history. A disaster that is all but forgotten, while BP is suing the owner of the oil rig.  So who is at fault, who is to blame ?  The One … Continue reading

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A code of secrecy

By Yuliya Tymoshenko  It began as a grey and muddy spring day, like so many others in my homeland. It ended in dread and mourning. Of course, none of us knew the precise moment when catastrophe struck at Chernobyl 25 … Continue reading

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The beautiful mind

A scanning electron microscope picture of a nerve ending. It has been broken open to reveal vesicles (orange and blue) containing chemicals used to pass messages in the nervous system.

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