The Willow Tree

A lone Willow Tree stands tall in a field
only a breath away from the forest

There she sits in her quiet and grace
as she listens to the chorus of their promise of glory.

She stands in awe of their strength and majesty
nearly heading their music, singing, “Come now and join me”

But the Willow Tree knows she will never reach their heights
nor grow in their beauty of near perfect symmetry.

Tears begin to fall as the Willow Tree weeps
her limbs twisting in pain as her leaves touch the ground
but with that touch she reaches the land and feels the strength
of the both the earth and the flowers that surround

They begin to serenade the Willow Tree in their own gentle way
a song filled with the aroma of life’s simple truths
although she may never stand tall within the forest of Pines
her own strengths can be found within the life of her roots

Roots which are firmly planted within earths loving hands
never ceasing to search and reach for life’s sustenance
allowing her to endure through the cold winter months
then awaken once again with the new hope of spring
to feel life born again and the wonder of renewing

Their shy choir sings songs filled with words of inspiration
imploring her to realize that although a majestic Pine Tree
is something she will never be, the acceptance of her own beauty
will be the truth to set her free

The Willow Tree listened to the song of the Earth’s truth
feeling the nourishment of her own worth flow quietly through her limbs
and in her solitude she begins to gracefully shimmer and sway
embracing her own uniqueness in her dance with the winds

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