The Truman Show

There is anarticle in the New York Times today, that speaks of the results of a poll conducted with 1224 adults nationwide, about their views on the economy, budget deficit and health care.

I love the first couple of questions: “Do you feel things in this country are generally going in the right direction or have pretty seriously gotten off the wrong track”?
70% say things are going south. And about 60% say that they neither approve of the Republicans, not the Democrats, handling the economy and the budget.

Well, its pretty simple, really. People have needs – like food, water, warmth, a clean and safe environment, stable social relations and personal satisfaction from what they contribute to society. A balance of taking and giving.

What they do not need is a government that is using their tax money to keep a sham economy going, that is based on debt. Debt produces debt and the combination of stalling consumerism as well as inflation is actually a very much needed corrective measure of the fabled “market economy” – because it simply can’t sustain itself any longer. It is on life support by the Federal Reserve, that is purchasing billions and billions of debt in the form of Treasuries from the government, to finance the government’s spending. As the government continues selling this debt, the money supply increases and the Treasuries are adding trillions of dollars to the markets.

Lets say it loud and clear: Money is being printed out of thin air, while national debt is increasing by about 4 billion $ per day.  At the same time people are losing their jobs, homes, cannot pay for education or health care, as well as food. Many gobble down cheap junk food in a futile  attempt of keeping up appearances that all is well and they live in abundance, while getting obese. At the same time, many lose themselves in reality shows or the illusion of the internet. It’s the Roman “panem et circenses” or ” bread and games” that is at play here, a measure that has helped the government of all times to keep people quiet.

But apparently they start to wonder if the people they pay by their taxes and trust by their vote, are really acting in their best interest. But what seems to be even worse than the worries of keeping up a lifestyle, that has become all but unfundable for many, is the fact that we all have lived in a web of lies, a gigantic Truman show, for many decades.

This is of course not only true for the US. There is not a single spot in this world right now, that is not affected by  the events that are unfolding, that are unravelling what can no longer hold. And at the same time we are starting to see what is true: as debts are producing debts, lies are producing lies – we see it, we acknowledge it – and the very fact of doing this, actually creates the opposite.

Truth is always the safe choice and only feared by those, who create lies.

About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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5 Responses to The Truman Show

  1. johanna11 says:

    The whole money business is a house of cards. But as long as people believe in the illusion, the creaky wagon continues to go. Every day we still see reports of the stock exchange, going up or down…

    Thank you for seeing through it.

    But now we need to start creating alternatives. Where is the creative thinking on that? How to actually make the transition? Here in Australia, there is practically no manufacturing and very little food production – “Free Trade” has seen to that. I liked the comments by Independent MP Bob Katter – he spoke up: the Emperor is Naked!

    • Michaela says:

      All it takes is that you see through it yourself and also catch all the means you use to support the system.

      With regards to alternatives, I just wrote a contribution for ettv and I think I will just copy it to a post below. There are many alternatives already in place…

  2. Michaela says:

    So we see the all systems we thought are firmly supporting our society failing. We see them fall apart one after the other: Family, Religion, State Power, Health Care, Market Economy, Money cycle…just to name a few of the most obvious. More than that – they are mostly stone-dead already. Sometimes just kept around mummified, like a dead dictator.

    So what happens with a dead branch on a tree ? Yes – new shoots sprout.
    Of course, if we all keep looking at the dead branches and keep worrying what will happen if they break away, we do not see what has been growing and prospered…..

    What would happen, if we all admit that money has disappeared already ( as I said, what is coming out of the ATM machine is debt, printed on thin paper). Do we really have to even create greater debt to keep the illusion, that paper satisfies a need ? Do we really need “money” to prosper ?

    Do the exercise. ” eradicate” money from your thinking and see what you get…

    Gift economies and cash-less economies are much more prevalent than we would believe at first sight. Apart from the labor being done for free in terms of raising a family, care giving, educating, child-rearing, gardening, conserving, creating…do we really think these efforts are of no “value” ?

    Yes, some things still cost money and probably will for some time ( not for long tough) – but just become aware of all the money-less value creation all around you. Everyone has abilities…it’s just we have become so damned righteous about what is considered valuable, versus what is not.

    Just allow the self-organising principle do what it is doing anyway. The reason why I think this could work on a global scale, with not so much pain or mistakes in the transition, is twofold – we have the technology and we have the need, acutely felt by a few billion people right now.

    A few old world system guardians ( banks, politicians, tycoons, religions etc) amy put up a fight, but in the end, a majority of people driven by their needs, always supercede those who are driven by greed.

    Call me an utopian. But this is what I see all around me, and this is how I live.

  3. Michaela says:

    nevitably I get the question if I am promoting communism.

    No, I am not. Communism is dead too.

    The difference is that you only can live by the principles of a gift economy (I like the word common good economy better), if you live by the law of Life – because you recognise it as the only Truth. Not because somebody told you, or even coerced you to abandon private property. All it requires is a little change of thinking in terms of – what is of true value and understand that goods, by themselves, do not have value. The only value can be created by humans in service to each other.

    So, the difference is this – both, capitalism and communism were serving greed and were eventually doomed to fail. A common good economy however serves human needs. The only prerequisite is to start with yourself.

  4. fatima says:

    Hi Marille it is really refreshing reading your thoughts on the subject after feeling like I was drowning in the Venus Project. We may have some differences in opinion about that and what ‘will’ be, but I think you would agree that we really just don’t know the big picture…we just don’t know what will be….thank God….not our problem.

    These are such important points (were they even given a nod by Zeitgiest?).

    “People have needs – like food, water, warmth, a clean and safe environment, stable social relations and personal satisfaction from what they contribute to society. A balance of taking and giving.” These are the most important things for the community of man.

    ” just become aware of all the money-less value creation all around you. Everyone has abilities…it’s just we have become so damned righteous about what is considered valuable, versus what is not.”

    So true even in poverty conditions you see money-less human value creation and it is beautiful. People to People and Helping Hands (the names of two organizations in my neighborhood).

    From a certain perspective, deluded is even a better word than righteous if we are talking about the defense of this economic system (although righteous is perfectly appropriate to the political rhetoric). That Capitalism is based on “self” aggrandizement and greed at the expense of all other really more important human qualities like altruism, compassion, brotherly love….
    this simple fact has gone not only unnoticed, but unexamined and institutionally perpetuated (this system is taught in University as the only viable economic system for example), as if this is how it has to be or life as we know it will end. People really believe that even as it is killing them.

    The fundamental ‘self’ agrandizement and greed, which has always been at the heart of American and Western Capitalism is not intrinsically necessary or unchangeable but everyone seems to believe that it is. Actually it just sort of happened that way and some people, with the power/money to perpetuate their preferences said “This is good! We like it!”

    It seems to me that those specific qualities and the actions they foster, have always existed but just in the last couple of hundred years (maybe 100?) become this social economic monster, the stock market, the IMF, multinational corporations, the military industrial complex, etc. It wasn’t always like that and it wasn’t the only option or model possible or ‘out there’ but it seems to be the one that took root and flourished. Just another of all the social ills that are the result of ‘self’ worship, individual aggrandizement, and excessive love of the secular world. All of which is summed up nicely as the fruit of egoic identification and waking sleep.

    Time for Beethoven and tea?

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