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A conscious mind

Prof Antonio Damasio on how  the brain creates our sense of self ?

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Life, health and stress

Mark Newkirk

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Relaxed Focus

Florian Schlosser on Presence and what happens if we let go

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The ninth wave

I am not so much into the prophecy thing, but something IS going on energetically. The following interview is giving some interesting information and insight in terms of the Mayan calendar and the rising unity consciousness, that coincide with many … Continue reading

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The Question of Death

By Justme After the recent ‘disaster’ in Japan there has been a lot of discussion and questioning. Some discussions have raised an ever re-appearing question ” Why has God allowed this disaster to happen? ” There is plenty of evidence … Continue reading

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Specks on the Mirror

by Jerome My original intent was to present some musings on the reality of form, but to the amusement of my larger consciousness, I was give a different and deeper title to this thread. Nevertheless, I shall begin where the … Continue reading

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Conscious Teaching

By Paul I have been a music teacher (band and elementary “general” music as it is called in the United States) for 37 years. As careers go, for me, it has had the usual assortment of satisfying and frustrating moments … Continue reading

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Holy Anger

And one day I saw how we are all connected and working together. For a while I have been able to clearly differentiate when someone spoke or acted from higher consciousness as opposed to their reactive patterns of the conditioned … Continue reading

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On the sofa with Randy O

An exchange between Randy and Michaela M: Hi Randy, good morning. How are you ? R: Judy and I just finished our morning yoga, now she’s off to walk with Lucy (dog). M: Perfect. What kind of yoga are you … Continue reading

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The rat king

The more open I become, the more surprises I get. There is so much “emotional garbage” in this body, who would have thought! It is very much like cleaning out a basement – behind all the clutter you find even … Continue reading

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