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Living with Loss

    –by Paul Last summer, when I was staying in Germany with Angelika, I had the pleasure to meet a young man, Rouven Bauer, who is a fine musician and composer. He shared a song with me that he … Continue reading

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Converging the Feminine and Masculine – 2

–by Paul These two principles create something like a dance between them. This dance takes place on many, many levels. To get a sense of this, look at the water on an ocean or large body of water, like a … Continue reading

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The Art of Teaching

On the Sofa with MorrisGraves and Paul Exploring Presence in Art and Music Education Class Settings P: Hi Morris, Welcome to the “On the Sofa” section of the Room4Truth blog. It is really nice that you can be here today. … Continue reading

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The Switch

It is as if there is a switch. It can be On or Off. When it is On, There is awareness of awareness itself, Of openness, and vital energy. When it is Off, there is thought, Time and egoic identifications. … Continue reading

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    by Paul Perhaps we “store” old memories because we think that if we hold on to them, we can “fix” whatever it is that is wrong about them. We hold opinions of others and situations, as if these … Continue reading

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Bringing Me Home

for Geli With great courage, and truth, You showed me Myself, Just as I am. My true Face, and I touched The Life At the bottom of the Abyss. To have a Soul Partner Who can take you Home To … Continue reading

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follow up .. Looking at Oneself through the Intelligence of the Body When I quoted the spiritual teacher in the article about the intelligence of the body, I left out a bit in my quote. Geli has asked me to include the … Continue reading

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Looking at oneself…

.. through the intelligence of the body by Paul In Brandon Bay’s book, “The Journey: A Road Map to the Soul,” she describes a process that she was given by an unidentified spiritual teacher. A student asked what to do … Continue reading

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Lightness by Paul

When things are allowed to be just as they are, Something comes, A clarity, a lightness. There is nothing to fix. Everything is. There is sensing and aliveness. The darkness outside slowly becomes light And the sun returns. –Blandford Nature … Continue reading

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Interview with Beili Liu

This video is a supplement to the post that follows from Geli. The YouTube interview can be found here with the artist. This comes from an exhibition from the Grand Rapids, Michigan annual ArtPrize event that took place in the … Continue reading

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