Rockford, Michigan in October


by Paul

Perhaps we “store” old memories because we think that if we hold on to them, we can “fix” whatever it is that is wrong about them.

We hold opinions of others and situations, as if these ideas and judgments  will actually be helpful to protect ourselves from them. Perhaps we believe that by keeping our mental positions intact, we can prevent what all the Bad Other things can do to us from happening again.

But this is just a process of storing the poison inside us instead of letting it dissolve by passing though. We choose to keep the poison in us, not knowing that the real problem is there, right in our own little minds. We are the ones making our lives into the miseries that they seem to be.

Once these poisonous memories have a nice place to stay in the body, they harden and become even more real to us. To become free of them takes more than a simple mental notion of letting go.

So we must look at, and feel fully all that we have stored in there, layer by layer. Look without fear this time. When we first stored the pain and hurt, it was a choice, a reaction to something we did not like. Now we will face it, just simply as it is.

The radiance of Being, of the true aliveness within must speak to these layers, must touch them one by one. Otherwise, we simply initiate yet another egoic process.

In other words, this process is not really a new kind of doing for the ego. It is time for the ego to “retire.” Give up. Surrender.

Face the pain, the memories, the ugly feelings, the nasty people in our lives and let them all be. You are larger than all of them. The truest self we are, being itself, knows what to do after that.

Just stay with What Is.

Then something within knows it is time to let them go, and they leave as if without effort. Normally, we, our ego process, steals this life energy because it thinks/believes it knows what to do. But when this ego process stops by itself, and Being itself speaks to us from Stillness and Silence, then that which KNOWS WHAT TO DO is ready to heal all of the stored memories and pain within us.

And then there is freedom.

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1 Response to Storage

  1. Johanna says:

    Thank you Paul, this is very clear. I sepecially like the way you said the Radiance within “must touch (the layers) one by one” – I will try this.

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