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Life, oh life

Another observation by Lilli The challenge of buying an external hard disc Today morning I decided to buy an additional external hard disc. Upon arrival at the store I asked for the type I had chosen. It took the shop … Continue reading

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follow up ..

..to Looking at Oneself through the Intelligence of the Body When I quoted the spiritual teacher in the article about the intelligence of the body, I left out a bit in my quote. Geli has asked me to include the … Continue reading

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An observation by Lilli A foggy and dark Tuesday morning, just another busy day in our office. Everybody was trying to answer each and every email immediately. All these young designers just staring at their monitors and trying to design … Continue reading

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The ardent alchemist

    Eruptions of magma from a volcano are bringing forward molten rock deep from the interior of the earth. And when the lava is cooling, new life is forming in it’s former path of destruction. Liken an outburst of … Continue reading

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The wisdom of Rumi

The spirit is like an ant, and the body like a grain of wheat which the ant carries to and fro continually. The ant knows that the grains of which it has taken charge will change and become assimilated. One … Continue reading

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Looking at oneself…

.. through the intelligence of the body by Paul In Brandon Bay’s book, “The Journey: A Road Map to the Soul,” she describes a process that she was given by an unidentified spiritual teacher. A student asked what to do … Continue reading

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