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The Art of Teaching

On the Sofa with MorrisGraves and Paul Exploring Presence in Art and Music Education Class Settings P: Hi Morris, Welcome to the “On the Sofa” section of the Room4Truth blog. It is really nice that you can be here today. … Continue reading

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Annoying people

A double enquiry between Angelika and Michaela Situation I (Michaela) M: There is something currently in my life that is just ridiculous and somewhat disturbing. So I wonder if we can shed some light on the sub-conscious pattern and solve … Continue reading

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Playing for Change: Don’t Worry

A beautiful song.

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On Soulmates

I finally have an answer why the divorce rates are skyrocketing: it is because everyone wants to marry their soul mates. I never really gave much thought to the idea of soul mates, until one day I found myself being … Continue reading

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Love by Rumi

The one who has not had a taste of love Is but a piece of wood or stone to God. Love extracts water from stones; Love removes rust from mirrors. infidelity seeks war, faith peace; Love sets fire to war … Continue reading

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Speak up, can’t hear you…  

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