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by Marita Twins share a special connection beyond that of ordinary siblings. While (we) twin bond is a special aspect of our unique relationship, sometimes it is endowed with extraordinary supernatural qualities. Sometimes, one twin experiences a physical sensation of … Continue reading

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For room4truth by Lilli If life gives you lemons – just lean back and watch him singing – he will give you the heebie-jeebies.

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The Switch

It is as if there is a switch. It can be On or Off. When it is On, There is awareness of awareness itself, Of openness, and vital energy. When it is Off, there is thought, Time and egoic identifications. … Continue reading

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Under the golden roof…

  A trip to Innsbruck. Snow in the mountains Winter is close. Listening to the city in the stillness of the evening.

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Effortless endeavour…

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The wisdom of Rumi

Once you forget yourself, God remembers you. Once you’ve become His slave, then you are free.     Sources: Breathing Truth Quotations from Jalaluddin Rumi Muriel Maufroy,  1997

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Truth by…

justme ‘We through gathering baggage from the time we first ‘arrived’ on this plane of existence, have gathered information,have followed example and learned habit. This invariably leads to our ‘human nature’. Although we cannot always see it we have a … Continue reading

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