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On food and myths

A conversation between Johanna and Michaela. M: Hello Johanna ! Ahhhh…you made it !! J: Yes!!!  Oh gollly gosh!  So we’ll be a bit late starting…. M: Never mind. Just get yourself comfortable.Let me know when you are ready to … Continue reading

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Life, oh life…

I went for a coffee with my friend Lilli. The coffeehouse was crowded and full of smoke. So we changed plans and went to another place close by. It was nearly empty and we could watch the sunset through the … Continue reading

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It’s heaven….what did you expect ?

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The wisdom of Rumi

  I wonder from these thousand of “me’s”, which one am I? Listen to my cry, do not drown my voice I am completely filled with the thought of you. Don’t lay broken glass on my path I will crush … Continue reading

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