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Clever ego…..

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Questions of Life

You always say I judge you. But is it really me who is judging you ? Questions of Life are a tool for reflection. Let the question be with you and go deep. Make note of the answers.

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Jonas in the Now + simplicity

Jonas is our cat and like all cats he is an excellent example of being in the Now. Last Friday I had a hectic day with work, chores, etc. and I was running around juggling everything. In the afternoon I … Continue reading

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Are you confused about your ego?

If you’re not sure that your ego is crazy, or if you’re lost and don’t know anymore that it is right or not to realize the ego and liberate yourself from it, here’s some lines: The content of the ego … Continue reading

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October Morning

by Paul I left my apartment this morning, and the sky was clear and very large. There was a very thin sliver of the moon Faintly emerging from the bluish background. All the sounds around me were part of it, … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Rumi

Ghazal 314 You who are not kept anxiously awake for love’s sake, sleep on. In restless search for that river, we hurry along; You whose heart such anxiety has not disturbed, sleep on. Love’s place is out beyond the many … Continue reading

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What is your enemy?

The only thing that threatens us is our enemy. What do you make your enemy?

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The Restless Mind

by Gale Early this morning, my old dog paced from one room to another, settling down for a few seconds only to get back up and put her nose to the door to be let out. Moments later she would … Continue reading

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