Jonas in the Now + simplicity

Jonas in the Now

Jonas is our cat and like all cats he is an excellent example of being in the Now.

Last Friday I had a hectic day with work, chores, etc. and I was running around juggling everything.

In the afternoon I noticed Jonas lying sleeping on his favorite bean bag chair.

I then decided to spend a few moments sitting and being with him in the Now.

It amazes me how present cats are – they can fall asleep or awaken almost instantly and they never worry about anything.

No wonder that Eckhart Tolle says that they are Guardians of Being.


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2 Responses to Jonas in the Now + simplicity

  1. Glerikud says:

    Sooooo cuuuute 🙂

  2. Abitiki says:

    Thanks John, just a picture of Jonas is enough to bring more stillness. x

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