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Conscious break-up…

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A stab in the back

On Sunday afternoon my back went out. This was kind of surprising, since I am not prone to back pain and moreover have not done anything that normally would have triggered it. There was suddenly a stabbing pain in my … Continue reading

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The beautiful mind

Portraits of the mind.  An art book by a young scientist, hoping to draw the general reader into neuroscience with the beauty of it’s images. To the slide show Read the article from today’s New York Times

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Catrin’s walk

South Sweden, November 29,2010 Photos by Catrin

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Wasting away

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease, that affects the lung and other organs. It is associated with malnutrion and low sanitation and housing standards and it is surging dangerously in the developing world. According to the WHO, there will be 10 … Continue reading

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Question of Life

What is a surprise ? Does it exist or is it illusion ? Questions of Life are a tool for reflection. Let the question be with you and go deep. Make note of the answers

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One day we’re going to get out

Thank you, Catrin… Coldplay/ Lovers in Japan   Coldplay / Lovers in Japan Lovers keep on the road you’re on Runners until the race is run Soldiers you’ve got to soldier on Sometimes even the right is wrong They are … Continue reading

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Brave new world

It is a strange time as I see many relationships in my life break open. For a moment I stopped and wondered about the word “break open”, which suddenly appeared on the screen in front of me. And yes – … Continue reading

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Labels & expectations for the relationship experience

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Just a little sharing

My father past away when I was young and after moving from a big city to the country I felt lost. In this context my path crossed the path of a few special persons. In beginning teachers of an Indonesian … Continue reading

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