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A stab in the back

On Sunday afternoon my back went out. This was kind of surprising, since I am not prone to back pain and moreover have not done anything that normally would have triggered it. There was suddenly a stabbing pain in my … Continue reading

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Converging the Feminine and Masculine – 2

–by Paul These two principles create something like a dance between them. This dance takes place on many, many levels. To get a sense of this, look at the water on an ocean or large body of water, like a … Continue reading

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Sour and bitter faces

Are there people you are consciously turning away from ? I thought of a Rumi teaching this morning when I contemplated on friendship. Many of my relationships have changed and  there are people I used to be with a lot,  who … Continue reading

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Truth is always the safe choice

  A conversation between Geli and Michaela M: Good morning Geli, what shall we talk about today ? G:Good morning Michaela! I would like to talk about relationships and how my “being part of them” has changed during the process … Continue reading

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