Converging the Feminine and Masculine – 2

Sunset on Lake Michigan

–by Paul
These two principles create something like a dance between them. This dance takes place on many, many levels. To get a sense of this, look at the water on an ocean or large body of water, like a lake such as Lake Michigan in the United States. There are, of course, “waves.” Within each wave is “water energy” that takes place and interacts within the wave. Then the wave is only there “because” of the valley between the waves. Of course, the wave is part of, or belongs to, a much deeper, much calmer depth of water underneath. And all of this relates to the air and everything going on above it, like wind, temperature changes, rain, etc. Of course, water is comprised of a lot of air anyway! What about the beach, the “destination” of the water? And “why” does it go there? Of course, as Geli pointed out to me, there are effects of the tides which now brings in the moon, and soon we realize, even in the mind, that all of this is deeply connected.

So what does it matter if all is connected like this? Well, it seems to point to the fact the masculine and feminine principles arise together. There cannot be one without the other. But the mistake I notice that I often make, through conditioning and ego misdirection, is to misuse the masculine and feminine principles at the wrong times. That is, when I begin to worry, relive old fears and unconscious patterns, it is most likely that rather than wisely moving into presence and awareness of the background behind all of this, I identify with the mind and overuse the thought addicted masculine energy. If I would rather stop the thought process, and become alert, without thought, then I would be much more in tune with the natural intelligence provided by gently reminding myself to adhere to the feminine principle when appropriate.

This wisdom is described in the Tao Te Ching, as well as other spiritual resources. The book of Tao reminds me of the wisdom of being with the female energy where we tune to the more natural source and allow intelligence to flow through us.

Of course, masculine energy can shape, and create forms in the outgoing process. But it is the feminine energy where we become in touch with the deeper source, the place where being itself is connected with the source.

In other pieces I have written here in this blog and elsewhere, I have referred to the image of a “Switch.” I notice that as I go about my ordinary daily activities, my actions, thoughts, feelings all express the energy state within and without me. These energies can switch direction between the masculine and feminine directions often, and sometimes quite rapidly. When I can look at something without the thought energy that is not necessary, and just be alert and aware, the energy of present sense from “underneath” then becomes more available, and the outer layer of ego identified patterns can be seen from the gap around them.

When these two energy directions become more balanced, then the inner marriage becomes more apparent, and there is a natural flow then in what takes place even at the level of the most basic activities.

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2 Responses to Converging the Feminine and Masculine – 2

  1. Michaela says:

    And in reality it is not one and the other, it is one in the other.
    It is like energy and (in) matter , or water and(in) wave, and this is why one can create energy from matter, but not matter from energy. That is the principle and only if we understand – and experience – that all is the One, we’ve arrived home. The polarity of male and female energy point to different expressions of the same thing, and that one cannot exist without the other.

    But again, the “inner marriage” is about the integration of these principles in oneself. As enticing these concepts are – and useful pointers – all this is about is to recognize that all is One and to recognize the different types of movement in oneself are helpful to realize this in oneself. It is nothing that happens – it is something we realize.

    • Paul Schroeder says:

      Yes, very true. Words create “things” and so these “things” are seen as separate. It reminds me of quantum physics and what they seem to be saying there about matter/energy. It is as if masculine and feminine are two qualities of one thing, in the same way that the earth has a North and South pole. So what I am describing is the balanced and out of balance conditions in the blend of the two energies. As you say, the whole point is the fact that these terms make great pointers to see what goes on within and without us.

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