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Enlightenment 2010

What we call  “enlightenment”  is in basically a realisation of truth and the subsequent transformation to consciously live life as human+being.   For a while now I have the sense we have to redefine our understanding of the spiritual path or  it … Continue reading

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Hallo Wien

This is how people pronounce Halloween here and it means “hello Vienna”.  Pumpkins everywhere. But we don’t really have the heritage. Just something adopted. But I have been lucky enough to experience the real thing:  Halloween in Idiana

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Marsh & Steppe

A walk through the marshlands along the Danube.

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On finding purpose

I am one of those who quit their job and walked out. It happened very fast and unexpected. I worked for a big corporation and one day I sat in a meeting and I suddenly knew I could not do … Continue reading

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Hold the presence?

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The voice of a saviour

The voice of a saviour will soon be heard as soon as you clear your hearing don’t drink now this polluted water the elixir of life will soon arrive if your desire grace lose your selfish self till you can … Continue reading

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An afternoon hike

  A walk in the afternoon sun brilliant autumn colours buying small apples from a garden marvelling at all the miracles of creation    

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Share your Now…

  The colours of autumn (by Lilli) Sitting at my desk and looking out of the window in autumn can be really stunning !

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The wisdom of Rumi

If you are a man of this life then march on this path like a man or retire and take refuge in your house since you are not ready for this battle real men drank a thousand seas and still … Continue reading

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Questions of Life

When do you have time ? Questions of Life are a tool for reflection. Let the question be with you and go deep. Make note of the answers.

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