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We don’t need a reason…

The shared experience of absurdity. An inspiration. Watch how in the end he feels compelled to address the common critique to his action ” These people have too much time on their hands”. This does say something about our addiction … Continue reading

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How do you live your dream ?

Listening to Orpheus (8) This series is really about discovering the creative flow in all of us. How do you approach it, how do you work with it and how do you align the appearance of the outside world with … Continue reading

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Recently I noticed a major change in myself – I do no longer fake confidence. The way I used to do that was by constantly re-assuring others that we were on the right track, doing the right thing and absolutely … Continue reading

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On finding new values

M: Good morning Solly. What can you tell us about the sky above Berlin today? S: Good morning, Michaela. The sky is grey and the next rain shower is around the corner. Maybe even with some snow. How is it … Continue reading

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On finding purpose

I am one of those who quit their job and walked out. It happened very fast and unexpected. I worked for a big corporation and one day I sat in a meeting and I suddenly knew I could not do … Continue reading

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