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The ultimate teaching

    In Ultimate Truth there are no Buddhas and no demons; One enters here the Realm where Dharma is exhausted. Among all Vehicles, this ultimate teaching Is found only in the Tantras. It says in the Highest Division of … Continue reading

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Moving into the unknown

I beg you, to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which … Continue reading

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Before sunrise

To me no piece of music expresses this particular time we live in better than this one… L.v. Beethoven; Leonara No 3

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The pulse of life

RHYTHM – listening to god moving. The gift of Orpheus From: “How Music Works” – with Howard Goodall

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The poet speaks an universal language

The poet speaks an universal languagePoetry is greater than history We have become shameless in a response to being so ashamed about our tendency to deny truth. And if the poet speaks, he impacts the truth because he speaks from … Continue reading

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The pressure of God’s infinite

Listening to Orpheus (19) Words are meant to speak the truth. That is what words are for. And this is what the poet does – he speaks the truth. Hamza Yussuf on “What happened to poetry ?” (3/5)

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They don’t know what words are…

Listening to Orpheus (18) What happened to poetry ? A lecture on poetry with Hamza Yussuf (2/5)

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What happened to poetry ?

Listening to Orpheus (17) (A word to the effect of counting. I don’ have a system. Some of the postings in this category I consider auxiliary in terms of developing the theme and so they don’t get a number. Others … Continue reading

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You are lonely my friend…

You are lonely, my friend, because you are…. We, with a word or a finger-sign, gradually make the world our own , though perhaps its weakest, most precarious part. How can fingers point out a smell?– Yet of the dark … Continue reading

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To mix death into everything seen

Is he someone who dwells in this single world? No: both realms are the source of his earthly power. He alone who has known the roots of the willow can bend the willow-branch into a lyre. Overnight leave no bread … Continue reading

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