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What happened to poetry ?

Listening to Orpheus (17) (A word to the effect of counting. I don’ have a system. Some of the postings in this category I consider auxiliary in terms of developing the theme and so they don’t get a number. Others … Continue reading

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A god can do it

A god can do it. But will you tell me how a man can enter through the lyre’s strings? Our mind is split. And at the shadowed crossing of heart-roads, there is no temple for Apollo. Song, as you have … Continue reading

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Silent River

SILENT RIVER  By Justme  Silent river carry my dreams For all is not, what it seems. Kiss the morning, wrap up the night. Clear the skies, let man take flight. For there beyond the no humans land Lives a thing, … Continue reading

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A day of Silence

A day of Silence Can be a pilgrimage in itself. A day of Silence Can help you listen To the Soul play Its marvellous lute and drum. Is not most talking A crazed defence of a crumbling fort? I thought … Continue reading

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FIRE by Justme Have you fire my friend? Do the lashing flames tear the flesh of obstinate men? Do the curves and flicks, lick the calming lips of, blessed men? Does the fire of true memory, companion with light, to … Continue reading

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O long for the flame…

Will transformation. O long for the flame, where a Thing escapes you, splendid in change: that designing spirit, master of what is earth, loves only the turning-point in the form’s curve, What closes itself, to endure, already freezes: does it … Continue reading

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