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Time of troubles

by Justme I was born in a town in Northern Ireland into a Catholic family in 1969, the year the current ‘troubles’ started. This was when Catholics could not get jobs and discrimination was rife because the protestant dominated state, … Continue reading

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It is challenging to write about Islam. There are so many opinions. So many emotions. Both outside, as well as inside of the Islamic community. And many times it is difficult to tell what is the truth. The only thing … Continue reading

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Know respect!

Bow your head. The wind is much stronger that your self thinks.

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The Tao is the way

  I love this verse from the Tao-te-Ching. It points to the practice of letting go and finding one’s own wisdom. It takes a clear mind, an open heart and fearless devotion to the path. It is one step after … Continue reading

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The Living Room asked for Authors. So here I am introducing myself realising that it is not much more then a story. And it is likely that my story is not much different then most stories. I had my share … Continue reading

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