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Do you know the saying: When you are ready the teacher will appear”? That has been certainly true in my case. I met my first spiritual teacher at a time I decided to quit a job I felt I could … Continue reading

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Love yourself and let me be

Brünnhilde teaches Siegfried about the nature of Love, ‘Ewig war ich’ Wagner Der Ring des Nibelungen Siegfried Bayreuther Festspiele Barenboim Kupfer Evans

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Siegfried is an innocent young man who grew up in isolation and has never felt fear. When he comes across the sleeping Brünnhilde and discovers his feelings for a woman he experiences a panic attack. To love a woman is … Continue reading

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Living with Loss

    –by Paul Last summer, when I was staying in Germany with Angelika, I had the pleasure to meet a young man, Rouven Bauer, who is a fine musician and composer. He shared a song with me that he … Continue reading

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Question of attitude towards life

Instead of moaning about the scaffold, they made a virtue out of a necessity – how I love these creative young guys !

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Salience & addiction

Once a behaviour is manifested in the mind, it may become the basis for an addiction. There are many models to explain the pathway of an addiction. There are biological, genetic, social, psychological reasons and of course the various combinations. … Continue reading

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