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Dying in beauty

Autumn is the time of transformation Watch the old dying in blazing and radiant beauty So excited to turn into something else.

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Sunset in Debrecen

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Watching the kites rise, dancing in the sky with a rattling sound

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Watch your mind!

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Truth is always the safe choice

  A conversation between Geli and Michaela M: Good morning Geli, what shall we talk about today ? G:Good morning Michaela! I would like to talk about relationships and how my “being part of them” has changed during the process … Continue reading

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Truth from the Tao-te-Ching

When I read this verse from the Tao-te-Ching I have to think a recent realisation: Whatever we do, we seem to be working on several levels. There is the gross physical level and this where we carry out action and … Continue reading

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