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This is a very funny account of my friend Dora’s first 2 weeks at a new job, after returning to work from a sabbatical. So far I like my new boss and team a great deal and   I’m less enthusiastic … Continue reading

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  There is a beautiful sadness to autumn. A time to part, something tugs, something ebbs. There is such clarity, sharpness and coolness in the air. Witnessing the turning to nothing. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart “Traurigkeit” (Sadnesss) Entführung aus dem Serail … Continue reading

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Love by Rumi

I’ve come to take you with me even if I must drag you along but first must steal your heart then settle you in my soul I’ve come as a spring to lay beside your blossoms to feel the glory … Continue reading

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Topographic map on a leaf

  Isn’t nature the most gorgeous painter of all ? It is unbelievable !

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St. Martins day II

A fine Christian tradition …

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