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The tao is the way

I have come to marvel at occasion when I am able to observe a silent teachings unfolding. It helps me to understand the ” doing not-doing”, which is not passivity, far from it, but it is a state of high … Continue reading

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A new blend

Michaela suggested to me to listen to Lama Lobsang. Yesterday I made Geli listen to him as well. She suggested to mix Lama Lobsang´s voice with music performed by Till Brönner. This is the result. Click on play to listen. Enjoy!

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Ready to be a doctor

The real reason I got into medicine was  because I liked the way hospitals smelled. It was that sharp, clinical scent of antiseptics I encountered on the few occasions one of us was rushed to the casualty department because of … Continue reading

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Questions of Life

You always want to be present. Can you not just be ? Questions of Life are a tool for reflection. Let the question be with you and go deep. Make note of the answers

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