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On Pain

Sometimes I come across people who will insist that pain is an illusion. Ultimately they are right, but as it happens, I am someone who is sought out to provide relief, if nor cure, for pain. So for me to … Continue reading

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There is a perfect way to explain the phenomenon of stress: Take a stress ball – or just make a fist – and squeeze it as much as you can. Then let go and slowly open the grip. Then do … Continue reading

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Means of Life (7)

“Means of Life” is an inter-disciplinary approach to how everything is connected and to pin-point the difference between what we need and what we want. Addiction to food may be the reason for many chronic disturbances and diseases. We said … Continue reading

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a sacred gift

Is arthritis really about feeling unloved, as I read in Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” ? I didn’t know at the time but the debilitating pain of arthritis taught me surrender, courage, acceptance, patience ~ and much … Continue reading

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On Anger

For a while now I am planning to start writing about emotions.  Looking at them for what they really are and what they want to tell us. What is their purpose, their function and how do we generate them. How … Continue reading

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Ready to be a doctor

The real reason I got into medicine was  because I liked the way hospitals smelled. It was that sharp, clinical scent of antiseptics I encountered on the few occasions one of us was rushed to the casualty department because of … Continue reading

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