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Heaven of sighs

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Ultimate control, ultimate surrender

by Giri Ocean Addiction is the ultimate control and the ultimate surrender. It is a paradox that can only be known by going into it. One of the crucial life lessons is to come in alignment with spirit. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Sunset in Debrecen 2

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Presence and Beauty

by Dreamfable Today I suddenly became aware of the role of beauty. That beauty almost pulls me into presence. I now recognize that is movement has been with me for as far as I know. I can wander for hours … Continue reading

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Bending truth

Not to long ago I was at a family gathering and someone brought up an old  childhood event that happened many years ago. The curious thing was that both of my sisters, as well as my brother, had a different … Continue reading

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Magic: Watch it’s source!

by Glerikud “Cursed magic” is powered by an egoic thought or emotion (even like: “I’m better than them because of magic”), and it can do almost anything as well, the difference is just the vibration of energy. It’s like some … Continue reading

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Words to live by

  “You cannot find yourself by going into the past. You can find yourself by coming into the present.” -Eckhart Tolle