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Primordial Void

Listening to Orpheus (15) Adyashanti on the challenge to discover the primordial void. As Orpheus followed Eurydice into the underworld, we follow our longing to dissolve into nothingness. Adyashanti Talk ” Rooted in the Primordial” (1:47 hr)

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Ultimate control, ultimate surrender

by Giri Ocean Addiction is the ultimate control and the ultimate surrender. It is a paradox that can only be known by going into it. One of the crucial life lessons is to come in alignment with spirit. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Bending truth

Not to long ago I was at a family gathering and someone brought up an old  childhood event that happened many years ago. The curious thing was that both of my sisters, as well as my brother, had a different … Continue reading

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Conversation #2

Conversation # 2 Saturday, August 14th, 2010 M: Hello Geli. How are you this morning ? A: Is this a real question? M: Of course it is…. A: O.K. I am tired and worn out from acting out in resistance. … Continue reading

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