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Black Swan

Black Swan is a very unusual and very contemporary movie. I cannot remember ever having seen the discovery and gradual opening up to the possibility of living a life without the boundaries of limitations and control,in such an intensely impressive … Continue reading

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Annoying people

A double enquiry between Angelika and Michaela Situation I (Michaela) M: There is something currently in my life that is just ridiculous and somewhat disturbing. So I wonder if we can shed some light on the sub-conscious pattern and solve … Continue reading

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Imagine your life to be genuine and peaceful. Imagine to have access to a great power at your fingertips and to live in harmony with yourself and everyone around you. Imagine yourself having self-reliance and acting with enthusiasm and confidence. … Continue reading

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Conversation #2

Conversation # 2 Saturday, August 14th, 2010 M: Hello Geli. How are you this morning ? A: Is this a real question? M: Of course it is…. A: O.K. I am tired and worn out from acting out in resistance. … Continue reading

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